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La Palma is an island for individual holidaymakers. The island is sparsely populated, mass tourism, nightlife and hotspots are almost non-existent. Instead, pure nature, secluded beaches, spectacular hiking trails, restaurants with outdoor terraces by the sea. Corona cases on La Palma have been very low throughout the pandemic and continue to be so. Of course, the usual hygiene and mask rules apply, but regardless of that you can enjoy a carefree holiday. Restaurants, shops and island attractions are open.


Upon arrival at the Canario, we are obliged to have our guests present a negative test or proof of vaccination or genetics. Currently the following provision applies (as of 5July2021):

  • either a negative test result (nucleic acid amplification tests, e. g. PCR, LAMP or TMA tests) or antigen tests recognised in the European Union (so-called “rapid test”). The test must have been carried out not more than 48 hours before entry. The proof of negative test result shall include the following information: first and last name of the traveller, date of acceptance of the test, test method used, country of residence of the laboratory, negative test result.

  • or proof that the complete vaccination has been carried out at least 14 days before the start of the journey with a vaccine authorised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or WHO by emergency authorisation. The proof of vaccination must include the traveller’s first and last name, date of vaccination, vaccine, number of vaccinations, issuing country, competent body.

  • or evidence that recovery from a COVID-19 infection has occurred no more than 180 days ago. The first positive result may not be detected until 11 days after the first positive result. Evidence of recovery shall include the traveller’s first and last name, date of acceptance of the first positive nucleic acid amplification test, test method used and country of issue.
    (Source: https://www. auswaertiges-amt. de)

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